How to Litter Train Baby Kittens

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Kittens may naturally understand the box, but there are many things you can do to ensure that their litter training experience is safe and smooth.

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How to Litter Train Baby Kittens

10 thoughts on “How to Litter Train Baby Kittens

  1. so we found a kitten in our garage and his mom won't come back, so we adopted him. we have him for about a week now but still struggling with his litter training. He would usually poop a foot away from his litter and it sucks. hopefully he will soon learn

  2. Wish i had a woman like you 😂😂😂 f# the litter training, this just magically popped up on my recommendations

  3. My 7-year-old son just rescued a 2-3 week old kitten and brought it home. And since I'm a dog person and know nothing about cats, your videos are very helpful! Thank you! 🙂 Subscribed!

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