How to rescue kittens with a feral mom

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Feral cats may not want to be near you, but they’re still great moms for their babies! This video shows how you can give feral cats a safe space to raise their young. While the kittens can be socialized and adopted, a feral adult cat cannot be socialized and does not want to be indoors. The safest and best place for them is outdoors – after they have been spayed and vaccinated.

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Take a trap, neuter, return (TNR) class:
Kitten and mom trapping scenarios:
Fostering feral cats safely:

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How to rescue kittens with a feral mom

10 thoughts on “How to rescue kittens with a feral mom

  1. what a wonderful video!!! i especially loved the “behind the scenes” watching mama cat play with her kittens when you guys weren’t in the room. also, very helpful of you to show how you opened and closed the carrier door, while still protecting yourself.

  2. I’ve a question, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t give the mama cat her kittens?

  3. Actually ferals can be at least tamed down. I've worked with feral cats for many years and all it takes is a bit of time. True they may not want the indoor lifestyle or be touched by more than one human, but working one on one with them is best for gaining trust from a feral.

  4. Been fostering 4 kittens and their mom now 7 weeks and dealing with those things at 4:17 is not a fun experience. The little rascals don't understand how those things feel in human skin

  5. 2:04 – no peeping, Tom! xD

    You did an amazing job, Phoenix would probably not survive if not you guys. I really admire that right touch you got.

  6. Thank you so much for this heart melting video and for your wonderful work ♥

  7. Feral cats are the worst I shoot the ones at my house. they kill our birds and small rodents and leave half eaten carcasses laying everywhere, they ruin our landscaping, and have attacked our smaller dog.Don't follow this example. Even if you did want to help them, they'll probably die without their mother who will never cooperate with you

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