How to Wean Kittens

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If you’re fostering kittens, weaning can be a challenge. Kitten Lady shows you how to wean kittens from a bottle onto wet food in just one week!

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How to Wean Kittens

10 thoughts on “How to Wean Kittens

  1. Hi! I just adopted a 7,5 weeks old kitten. I was told she was eating regular cow's milk, dry and wet kitten food out of separate dishes. She does drink a lot of milk and barely touching the dry food. I got her to lick some wet food off my hand. I think she wasn't weaned completely. What can I do to make sure my kitten eats as much as she should? The concept of a dish seems confusing to her and I don't have any bottles nor had I ever bottle fed a kitten. Help?

  2. Thanks for the video! Very helpful. We just rescued a mommy cat and her babies and we're about to start weaning them. ☺👍🌷 love how you enjoy them😍

  3. The blender bottle idea has been a lifesaver. Thank you! Your videos have been my lifeline, thank you for putting this info out.

  4. My rescue kitten won’t move on to food 🙁 he loves the slurry but won’t move on

  5. Thank you so much, I have 6 kittens, but two of them are not weening yet and their allready 6 weeks old. I will try to make slurry.

  6. My friend had a kitten and she weaned him too soon, and he had a seizure and died. R. I. P Johnny.

  7. I have tried to wean this kitten and it just submerges her whole face in the wet food and I can hear it inhaling through the nose. I let it sit until just moist and thick but it still mashes its face and nose into it spreading it around but not getting much in. What do I do?

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