Hungry kittens! | Teddy and Sushi’s dinner dance

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We’ve been away for a little while – and during that time Teddy and Sushi have gotten much bigger! We’ve been filming loads and have a ton of footage to upload, but we thought we’d give you a throwback Thursday video first.

Once Tushi settled in, they started doing what we called the “dinner dance”. When it was time to eat, Teddy would stand up and Sushi would run circles around him – while Teddy VERY loudly demanded his food! This went on for months, but they’ve settled down a bit now!

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Hungry kittens! | Teddy and Sushi’s dinner dance

10 thoughts on “Hungry kittens! | Teddy and Sushi’s dinner dance

  1. Гладушки мънички, игрушки и катерушки. Целувам главички, очички, нослета, ушета.

  2. ‘How dare you sleep til 7” “Breakfast was 1/2 an hour ago” These two are a mess and so darn cute. Thanks for sharing! 🐈🐈❤️🐾

  3. This is an amazing video. I cannot imagine you keeping a straight face with these adorable kittens. I would not be able to achieve anything constructive with them around. And those little voices!

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