I Caught My Rescue Kittens Escaping…

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I Caught My Rescue Kittens Escaping…

10 thoughts on “I Caught My Rescue Kittens Escaping…

  1. Juniper’s face when you did the shake test. She was so done with you!! “Not this again”

  2. Hi Joey I'm new to your channel I just have to say your kittens are the cutest #climbingkittens

  3. ive never fostered kittens so I don’t have any experience

    But it seems like they’re getting a little big for that small of a space. Can the pen be made larger? Or can they roam the room like they have started to do on their own (escaping)??

  4. Joey your so sweet for taking in animals that were helpless and now they live good lives. You would never let an animal down, if all these animals could talk they would say thank you 1,000,002 times

  5. I’m wondering if doing the shaking test just after they ate was a good move, I could of seen them projectile vomiting lol

  6. Thank you for doing what you are doing for your foster kitty's and I just love you so much

  7. The way my anxiety rose when Joey pushed those ice cubes into the drain while the disposal was running…omg.

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