I’m a Baby Goat Mom! (5 Things to Know About Caring for Them!)

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I’m fostering my first goat kid! In this video I share 5 important things to know about fostering baby goats.

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10 thoughts on “I’m a Baby Goat Mom! (5 Things to Know About Caring for Them!)

  1. So when are we fostering a bunny!

    This is a joke, but it would be super cool if you did🥰

  2. I’m actually losing my mind I can’t believe I never realized that animal milk is the result of taking it away from the babies and that cows don’t produce milk all the time, I feel like a complete idiot. Like why did no one tell me this before???

  3. That man offered to sleep on the couch with that goat … girl, that’s a sexy man , kind is sexy af!

  4. My cat got worms we cleaned everything pretty well and we are still cleaning I have never treated my clothes more like the pleg lol got any tips? (We thought the vet dewormed her they did not p we must have miss red)

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