Kitten and his box.

Kittens Video Information:

Official video. Uploaded back in 2006, this is one of the first videos on youtube to have kitten’s in boxes. ♥
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Update: I had to swap the audio around because i don’t have permission to use sister jack.

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Kitten and his box.

10 thoughts on “Kitten and his box.

  1. i like it when one kitten trying to squize itself inside the box while the other is already taking like 70% of the box ^_^ ahahahah cool vid man 🙂

  2. lol kimwipes! what a funny thing to have a cat in. I would have a coronary if I reached for one in my lab and a little kitten head popped out. Bad kitty, get out of the chem lab!

  3. I missed my spoon somewhere.
    I still remember this long time ago.
    One of best kitten video in Youtube.
    By Lazy Shingo.

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