Kitten care part one: preparation

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Find out to choose a kitten and prepare for their arrival. This video explains how to ensure your home is safe and kitten friendly.

Tune in to part two for advice on keeping your kitten happy at home.

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Kitten care part one: preparation

10 thoughts on “Kitten care part one: preparation

  1. I just adopted 2 baby kittens from the shelter there both not siblings but love to play together but we still can’t pick them up because they need to be neutered there both males by the way (PLS COMMENT ANY NAME SUGGESTION THERE BOTH GRAYISH BLACK)

  2. I took that "Separate resources" thing seriously, until I found out that the dog wouldn't eat until the cats eat with her. Our two cats, smokey and whiskers, are best friends. They lick each other, eat the same food, use the same litter box, and still love each other. Conclusion? Don't believe everything a vet tells you, sometimes its just better to find out yourself 🙂

    PS.But do believe most things a vet tells you!!!!!

  3. My kitty died aged 24 around 3 years ago, I decided this is the year to adopt another, wanted to make a good start!

  4. Great video! Thanks for sharing! We are getting a burmese kitten for my 2 daughters. They are super excited! Can’t wait to bring our new family member home!

  5. watching this as it’s been about two years since i had a kitten, need a brain refresh

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