Kitten & Cat Care : How to Raise Just-Born Kittens

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Raising just-born kittens involves building a warm nest for them and feeding them an appropriate milk replacement throughout the day. Make sure the kittens are free of any diseases with information from a practicing veterinarian in this free video on pet care.

Expert: Marcia Martin
Bio: Dr. Marcia Martin is a 1990 graduate of Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine.
Filmmaker: Suzie Vigoin

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Kitten & Cat Care : How to Raise Just-Born Kittens

10 thoughts on “Kitten & Cat Care : How to Raise Just-Born Kittens

  1. My adopted stray cat gave birth be she ignores her 4 kitties 😒😒😒 I don't know what to do 😒

  2. what should i do.. my cat just died and she left her two days old kittens ..πŸ™ƒ just this evening i was holding her and now she’s dead…

  3. I got a kitten who was abandoned by its mother. There is another female cat in my house… I'm finding it hard to warm up this kitten but the female cat is taking care about this by her own. But the sad thing is this baby cat isn't accepting the female cat..I don't know if i can make it to live. Pray for this little kitty

  4. Watching to take care of a stray kitten in our house. The mother abandoned the kitten and haven't eaten for days now 😭

  5. i have 3 kittens they just turned 2 weeks now.. they eyes are widely open now but my problem is every morning they can't open their left side of their eye seems there is something sticky i guess its a gound.. how did they get that? i don't think too much sleeping can cause gound that much.. they were kept in a big carton box with more layers of matress. Unfortunately their momma cat don't stay longer to keep them warm.. the only thing that can momma cat stay to the kittens if the momma cat wants to feed the kittens but after that she will leave the kittens alone. Is there any home remedies for the eye of the kittens and what should i do for the momma cat to stay besides of her kittens?

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