Kitten Rescue!

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There’s an estimated 50 million stray cats in America! So when Big Cat Rescue staff spotted a stray kitten on Christmas Eve we decided to rescue the kitten and help make a difference!

UPDATE: Kringle was adopted by a lovely lady with no other pets on 2-4-2012, hope you have a purrfect life Kringle! 🙂

Humane Society of Tampa Bay:

Other sites dedicated to protecting and improving the lives of our nation’s cats:

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Kitten Rescue!

10 thoughts on “Kitten Rescue!

  1. I Rescued a 76% Maicoon/24% Tabby from the streets in July of 2012 at the age of 5 months and He's (SpitFire) Now 6 yrs old and I can't be Happier; He Saved My Life In Return💖🐾🐾

  2. a gang of cats using a kitten to make humans feel sorry for it and feed it lol

  3. There's a big cat rescue poster you turn into small cat rescue. Big cat, small cat they are same…

  4. I would've asked the person in charge of the adoption center for animals if I could take all of them

  5. Great rescue organization with great people.I wish I could join them.I love cats so much.I love all the animals.Love all ur rescued cats.Love from India.My mother has fed many stray cats.

  6. While there are roaring tigers and lions there are mewing cats and kittens
    small cat rescue

  7. Satisfying video salute you for helping that animal thanks again God bless you all the time

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