Kitten Still Loves Puppy

Kittens Video Information:

Egon and Izzy are all grown up, but they still love each other like when they were little. Or do they?

This video has spread like wildfire all over the Internet and is also known as “Don’t Lick Me There” and “Bipolar Chihuahua.”

Also, Otto, Egon, and Izzy now have Facebook fan pages!

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Kitten Still Loves Puppy

10 thoughts on “Kitten Still Loves Puppy

  1. Lmao that cat was like "really?" At the end 😂🤣 I have a Chihuahua and he's exactly like this lol

  2. The cat is not licking between the dog's legs. It looks like the cat's mouth is right at the very top of the curve of the dog's mid-leg, right on the bone. It looks like the cat isn't licking there, but rather he's giving those little nibbly bites right before he starts licking. Those nibbly little bites may have nicked a nerve running along the dog's mid-thigh, or even put a little too much pressure on the actual curve of the leg bone itself. Either of those would have given the dog a sudden little zap of pain, and the dog reacted instinctually to something that hurt him, even though it was just an accident. That's what I'm seeing in the video as the reason for the dog's sudden, violent reaction.

  3. Izzy was being a little jerk. Egon looked at him as if to say, "What's wrong with you, pal?"
    Then again, that's a Chihuahua for you.

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