Kitten suckles air *ORIGINAL*

Kittens Video Information:

Our kitten likes to suckle on fleecy things as he thinks it’s his mommy. Sometimes he forgets that he doesn’t have anything in his mouth yet continues to suckle. This is one of those times.

Also just to clarify for those who may be wondering our little boy was adopted from Cat City, which is affiliated with P.A.W.S. He was found abandoned on an island here in the Puget Sound and was brought there for care and to prepare him for being adopted. He was approximately three weeks old when he was found and we got him shortly after he turned one month old. Thus his urge to suckle is strong because he was not weened off of his mother’s milk like most cats. We did not adopt him from a kitten farm or from any other illegitimate cat spawning facility.

We love our kitten very much and we are joking when we call him “stupid.” He is a happy, healthy cat who is well taken care of.

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Kitten suckles air *ORIGINAL*

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