Kitten vs. Watermelon

Kittens Video Information:

Cute 4 month old kitten named Flanigan attacks a watermelon.

The watermelon had scratches and bite marks all over it by the time kitty was done. Flanigan walked away from the battle unscathed. He’s a funny cat.

Starring Flanigan the Irish Cat AKA Flanny.

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Kitten vs. Watermelon

10 thoughts on “Kitten vs. Watermelon

  1. Cluich leamsa! Dè seorsa cat a tha thu, co-dhiu? An urrainn dhomh ithe thu? Carson nach urrainn dhom a ghabh grèim ort? Agus carson a tha thu cho uaine? Hè! Freagair, a-Phriosanach!

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