Kittens Abandoned Under Oil Painting

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Mink and Badger were born under an oil painting and left behind by their mother, who was a community cat. This video shows the hard reality of kitten rescue and why it is so important to prevent suffering. Please spay and neuter your cats, and get active for Trap-Neuter-Return for the cats in your community. Do it for the little ones. Do it for Mink.

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Kittens Abandoned Under Oil Painting

10 thoughts on “Kittens Abandoned Under Oil Painting

  1. Hey, what's the best way to get into TNR? Are there traps you can buy yourself to do it or do you need to find a local organization?

  2. my cat has had 2 litters of kittens the 2nd litter is just 5 days old we are trying to keep her inside with them and so she doesn't give birth to any more so we are going to get her fixed soon. also when i was watching this my cat thought that minx was one of her kittens but they are very healthy

  3. Honestly, idk how I feel about spading or neutering wild cats. On one hand I understand that it will help prevent situations like Mink from ever happening. A kitten lost is terrible and heartbreaking, but on the other hand, and on a larger scale, preventing wild cats from breading is killing a "what could have been" large generation of cats on a grand scale. If everyone spaded/neutered wild cats, the population of cats would decline over time. So I ask myself. Would spade/neuter be preventing the death of a kitten or 2, or would it be killing an entire generation of cats that "could have been" brought into this world. I would rather let one kitten die over preventing new kittens from existing. I don't think spade/neuter is the solution to this problem. Cats have a spot in the world, and it's not just as Indoor cats, but as outdoor cats too. cats belong outdoors. I could not bare to see a cat suffer through a life where they can not bread and have babies of their own. I feel preventing birth is cruel. That's what LIFE is all about…breeding. I choose life in the macro scale over life on the micro scale. I hope you understand my philosophy. Like this comment if you understand what I'm saying.

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