Kittens Love Trash! (Enrichment Ideas!)

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It’s important to provide enrichment activities for your foster kittens–but you don’t have to break the bank to give them something exciting to do. Here’s a short compilation video of kittens playing with boxes and paper to make you smile and show you how our trash can be their treasure!

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Kittens Love Trash! (Enrichment Ideas!)

10 thoughts on “Kittens Love Trash! (Enrichment Ideas!)

  1. I have heard some "cats and boxes" stories years ago but I only witnessed one myself when I brought a large amount of cardboard (from some furniture) in order to resize it and put it into the garbage. While I was working on the first cardboard, the "house cat" came around and took a seat in it. It barely was a box at all … but no matter. He stayed there till I asked him to get off. If he could have talked he might have protested.

  2. My kitten won’t stop jumping into the trash 😩 i don’t know what to do or how to get him to stop

  3. I have a cat that loves to play with my hair ties more than the actual cat toys that I buy her.

  4. Can confirm, my 10 month old was having the time of his life yesterday with a quarter sized piece of plastic wrapper.

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