Kittens meet dad cat for the first time

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Daddy cat and other cats get to know kittens and get scared of them. We found the mother of these kittens on the street pregnant a few days before giving birth. We took her into the house, but did not introduce her to our cats. All our cats and cats really wanted to get into the room where little kittens meow loudly. But how will they behave if they enter this room? Is there a cat that won’t be scared by tiny strangers kittens?

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Dad cat meets baby kittens for the first time
Mom cat carries kittens. Creeping and meowing cutie
Mom cat feeds the adopted kitten instead of her own

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Kittens meet dad cat for the first time

10 thoughts on “Kittens meet dad cat for the first time

  1. Сбежал котя. Нервы не выдержали)) из котят только один на папу похож, остальные мамины))) и девочка – микс папы и мамы

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  3. This is a great genre, but there's such a shortage of videos for it. Thank you for doing your part.

  4. Кот наплодил деток,а теперь не знает,что с ними делать.

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