10 thoughts on “Kittens Vs New Toys, Nonmoms Goodbye 2021-03-05

  1. My two babies love being and I'm glad for that because the older one is going to leave the little one alone soon

  2. Your kittens are so cute!😊 I hope they all get great homes. Wish I could have one. I already have 2 big boys, I took in. 🐾😃🐈💕🍀🌺

  3. 0:40 – Hissing at big feather with teeth
    19:50 – bye Myth, I hope you have a great new home
    24:02 – Have a happy life at new home, Macadamia
    26:22 – I hope you adapted well at your new home, Rumor
    27:06 – Macadamia likes tech gadgets
    28:17 – how dare you, human!

  4. Kewl……my upper eyelid surgeon’s name is Dr. Katz too….he was a doctor at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal back in 1971-72.

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