Kittens with Swimmers Syndrome Rescued by Furkids

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Recently, Furkids was called upon to help rescue dozens of cats and kittens from a filthy, run-down home. It was a truly sad situation for these helpless, fragile animals! We’ve discovered three of the kittens have Swimmer’s Syndrome, a congenital condition that can occur in young kittens, causing the legs (typically the hind limbs) to splay laterally. These kittens look like little frogs, with their hips and feet rotated out to the side, rather than underneath their bodies. The great news is that with time, proper therapy, and a lot of patience, Swimmer’s Syndrome can be corrected. We’ve dubbed this plucky trio the “Furkids Swim Team”, and we’re working 24×7 to bottle feed, clean and provide a strong physical therapy regimen to these kittens so they’ll grow up healthy and strong – and have a much better chance of adoption!

Furkids works every single day to save even the most fragile of lives and make them whole – both physically and emotionally. Your support today will help these kittens become the best cats they can be, and it will allow us to save more kittens just like them. We are going into kitten season, and the need for support for the hundreds of kittens we hope to save is immediate. Can you help? Please donate today at You can also mail a check to Furkids at 5235 Union Hill Rd., Cumming, GA 30040. Thank you for your support!

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Kittens with Swimmers Syndrome Rescued by Furkids

5 thoughts on “Kittens with Swimmers Syndrome Rescued by Furkids

  1. Hi i have a kitten almost 4 weeks old with this condition however she can walk on her back legs but she doesn’t look comfortable doing so and also tends to sit still while her siblings play most of the time i am going to start taping her legs today but would kindly ask for some more info about how long to leave the tape on her each day and how much exercise she should have with it off i will change the tape Dailey and do some leg stretch’s daily as well might even try some hydro therapy if she allows me to but could do with the extra information

  2. @keydra Joy  Have you been through this. I have an 8 week old kitten with swimmers and I need to litter train her at the same time and i constantly need to bathe her. What advice or what can vets do? Also i have the same questions as to how long to leave the tape on for. Any advice is greatly appreciated xx

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