Litter Lessons for Kittens: Where & Where Not To Play

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Kittens will play with anything…from cat toys, to discoveries in their own litter box! In this episode of Cat Advice, I get my paws dirty and demonstrate an amazing opportunity to foster Mojo in your kitten.

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Litter Lessons for Kittens: Where & Where Not To Play

10 thoughts on “Litter Lessons for Kittens: Where & Where Not To Play

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    Let's face the truth. We love the Jackson Galaxy channel, and so do our fur children! 😸😸😻😻

  2. Can anyone help? When my 4 Monty old Kitty uses toilet no matter if She pees or poops She not only play with IT byΕ₯ She lays in litter crowls in it and when She want to cuddle She does not smell asi tou Can imagine pleasently. Why does She do that and what to do? Also She sometimes games toys to litter box and plays with IT in the litter box….

  3. My kitten is 3 months old and she is an abandoned kitten, she plays, sit and even sleeps in her litterbox! and that's kind of bothering me because of the mess! This video really helps TY!

  4. πŸ’–πŸ™πŸ’–πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘xx

  5. one of my cats likes to roll around right next to the litter box in the litter box dust that comes out when they jump out of it…It's cute but annoying cause she ends up with litter in her fur, and shes a soft shiny black/white kitty ..Looks like an Orca

  6. HELP does anyone’s kitten poop in the litter box and sit in it? I’ve had to wash her little paws and her legs and her butt cause she gets it everywhere. Mind you she has had a little bit of diarrhea but we are changing her food now cause I’m not sure if that’s it. (I just got her a week ago)

  7. Well, I didn't think I would need this but… I do… Also wondering if one kitten rolling around in the box, could lead to another one being sick? My boys aren't batting their poopies. The box is apparently clean but, I know it's full of bacteria. Gritty is laying in it and rolling around, while using it as a platform for stalking in play.

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