Little kitten crying out loud for mama

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Welcome everyone
I’m not an organization, I’m not an association. I am just an ordinary citizen trying to convey the suffering of stray cats, especially kittens in a North African country. Just help us by subscribing and publishing the video without forgetting like if you liked the video
Many thanks to everyone who read this.

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Little kitten crying out loud for mama

10 thoughts on “Little kitten crying out loud for mama

  1. Dear viewers, updates here : ; ;

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  3. Why didn't this guy pick up this 2 or 3 week old tiny kitchen and take him home with him? I am guessing that his Mom ran away because of the barking dogs.

  4. I just want you to find her moma.. she's scared.. and she needs her moma.. can't be more that 4 weeks old

  5. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  6. You can hear the kittens pain in its moew. Poor lost soul. You are a beautiful animal deserving of love and to feel safe. Bless all animals in need that are out there.

  7. Looking at the colour of the eyes, she (yes, it is a she) is 4, maybe 5 weeks old. Poor little thing.

  8. This little one was really panicking,you are a Godsend I do not want to think about what would happen to these little ones if you were not there to help them this one would probably have met a big dog,makes me shudder.Thank you for all of your compassion and the lives you have saved….

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