Little Kittens Are Starving

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We are Stoyan and Dessy and we love animals, especially cats, we have three cats – Sopolcho, Alexa and Rijo, and a dog – Lora. In our country there are lots of feral and stray cats, they live on the streets and feed from the trash cans. Some people love them but some hate them and hurt them. Unfortunately we can’t help all cats, but we will do our best. Please support us by subscribing to our channel.

Little Kittens Are Starving
Kittens Are Starving
Starving Kittens


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Little Kittens Are Starving

10 thoughts on “Little Kittens Are Starving

  1. Gonna put this here for others to see: PawMeow lives in a country such as mine, full of corruption and vile govt. There are in theory some funds for spaying but most go in their own greedy pockets. There are private campaigns for neutering but most people barely take care of themselves, let alone think of animals. Most beat them, poison them, abandon on the street like a former object when doesn't suit their needs. Eastern Europe, at least in some places is far behind even human treatment, let alone stray cats and dogs. There are some of us like this channel who with the little that we have, share and try to help others. It would be great if this channel had visibility and subs. Financial help is so much needed. Thank you for all your sacrifices. πŸ™πŸ₯°

  2. OH My god! You guys are so nice.. i wish i had one but i am too small and we cant…..😭😭😭 i feel sorry for the cats in my country

  3. It's sad but some of them will obviously die in a young age, I hate me I can't help them as how I'm now

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