Little newborn kittens mistook their mother for another cat

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It so happened that we had two cats at the same time. Joanna gave birth and nursed her kittens. The kittens grew up and found their other families. But she wasn’t left alone. We kept getting kittens who needed help. She helped us feed and care for the kittens all the time.
Lima came to us when she was already pregnant. And once she gave birth to four cute and adorable kittens, she didn’t mind having Joanna around. And our little kittens can sometimes get mixed up. And while the kittens are in Joanna’s care, their birth mom cat Lima can rest easy. One mom is good, but two is better!
🐱 After the foster kitten kisses, mama cat couldn’t help but feed him –
🐱 Mama cat does the cutest things while giving birth –
🐱 Mama cat’s care to keep her kitty clean –
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Little newborn kittens mistook their mother for another cat

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