10 thoughts on “Living with Blind Cats (Tips from Moet the Blind Cat!)

  1. I have a deaf cat who's been that way since birth and you wouldn't know it. They just get on with things, they don't let their disability slow them down. It's truly amazing how they take it all in their stride. I would absolutely take on another deaf or a blind cat in future and give them the love they deserve.

  2. It is important that when you take a blind cat away from home to put it back near it's litter box or something it is familiar with when you bring it home and release it from the carrier..

  3. What sort of pet shop were they in for gods sake. Was left to rot in a cage, how is this allowed,

  4. Such a nice and enlightening story. Cheers to this lovely woman for giving these beautiful cats a loving and safe home.

  5. love it!
    i Used to have sliver long fur persians
    my favorite lil boy had a snagle tooth and his name was Fang

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