10 thoughts on “Maine Coon kittens conquer a large scratching post

  1. I've never thought about how a scratching post could be good practice for kittens on how to climb a tree. You can see their confidence grow with each attempt!

  2. I love their cute little heads. When mine nap or sit side by side, (they are identical with dark heads) from the back view they look like little “Bat Man” superhero’s. Especially when they move in tandem and all you can see is the top half of the back of their head. HA! Now you will see it every time your cat rests in front of you a few feet away! You’ll also start signing the old shows “Dadadadadadadadadadadadadadadada……..BatMan! 😸. You’re Welcome!

  3. Im pretty sure this is a secret terrorist training camp in disguise. I could be wrong however. 🙂

  4. I want them all ! if I didn't have a house full of plain ol whatever came up to my door and stayed. But I love them

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