Male or Female? How to Tell the Sex of a Kitten!

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Here’s a quick and easy video all about how to tell if a kitten is male or female, featuring rescued kittens Velouria, Margot, Phillip, Winston, and Barnaby!

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Video filmed by Andrew Marttila — @iamthecatphotographer!
Video produced by Adam Myatt — @catmanofwestoakland!

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Male or Female? How to Tell the Sex of a Kitten!

10 thoughts on “Male or Female? How to Tell the Sex of a Kitten!

  1. 5/5. ☺️☺️
    I found a kitten today and at first he/she was so scared( i still haven't checked their gender) and I lured him( let's call it him for now) inside using chocolates and crouching for like an hour( got leg cramps but so worth it)by his side to assure I wasn't danger . I somehow lured him into my room and locked the windows and door to keep him from escaping. My room is pretty spacious so it won't be a problem. He didn't move around for a bit..I felt guilty about practically trapping him but he was an orphan and small maybe like 6-7 weeks. So, I let him be for a while. After some time, he came out from the curtains( yes, he was hiding behind the curtain) and was roaming around the room. I tried to reach out to him but he still was cautious so he would come close but run away when i tried to move a little. Since I had to calm him down and make him comfortable, I made a paper ball and passed it to him and viola, he played with it..☺️..He played with it until he lost it under the table ,i think and was again panicking..but I made another two and like he felt really comfortable than before. He even let me touch him after a while. I was laying on the bed and he was on the floor playing and from time to time I would held my hand down to him trying to warm up to him…he would come, sniff it and maybe rub it a lil☺️ and then went back to playing..and after doin it multiple times, after like another hour of his entry to my room, he jumped to my bed and approached me😭😭. Like I was so damn happy. He first sniffed and rubbed against my clothes and sheets , and when I held my hand , he came and rubbed against it. He even PURRED. He then came to me , i was laying on my stomach so my face was to his height level, he rubbed all over my face, even bit my arm while at it 😂😂 and purred all along. He's still not totally comfortable but we're getting somwhere. Now, he's fast asleep , at a comfortable distance from me😅😅 but still I'm so happy he let me pet him. He was meawing continuously when I saw him first and now, he's peacefully sleeping. .I really hope he'll stay with me. I'M SO IN LOVE WITH HIM☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

  2. Up in the north: " I wanna check my cats gender but not look at the parts so I'm going to check it's DNA" down south: 'flips the kitten "it's a boy/girl".

  3. I have 5 kittens (not orphans, they have a mommy uwu!) 4 or them are boys 😔😔 and only one little girl ;(

  4. i passed my test!!! my cat is pregers so im watching kitten lady to help my family with tip and that crap!

  5. 1:41 that tail 😂
    So thankful for Kitten Lady and this video! I also recently sent it to a friend of mine who just brought a kitten home and couldn't tell if she was a she or not, lol. (Definitely a little princess)

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