Mama Cat Slabs Her Paws Around Her Kitten to Make Sure she is Fine

Kittens Video Information:

Watch Divine give birth:

Infinity meows toward her mother and mama cat is quick to respond. She slabs het paws around her daughter to make sure she is safe and sound. If you want to follow and see the kittens, Prince, Infinity, Prisma, Knight and Blossom grow up, please like and subscribe to us.

Watch Divine’s FULL pregnancy:

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🇺🇸 Welcome on the Official Youtube Channel Of Kaja Bengal Cattery. We are a Bengal Cattery from The Netherlands. We like to make videos of our Bengal Cats and our Bengal kittens. We hope you enjoy our videos. 😺

🇳🇱 Welkom op het Officiële Youtube kanaal van Kaja Bengaal Cattery. Wij zijn een Bengaal Cattery uit Nederland. Wij vinden het leuk om video’s te maken van onze Bengaalse katten en Bengaalse kittens. Wij hopen dat je onze video leuk vindt. 😺

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Mama Cat Slabs Her Paws Around Her Kitten to Make Sure she is Fine

10 thoughts on “Mama Cat Slabs Her Paws Around Her Kitten to Make Sure she is Fine

  1. Divine is a wonderful mom making sure her kittens are safe and content. The kittens are getting cuter with every video I watch.💖🙂😼

  2. I want to kiss n cuddle all these stunning sacred precious cottons!!!

  3. my cat was just like this one i just lay down beside her and her kittens they were so so adorable just witching them.

  4. You are very nice man, thank you so much for feeding, I love your friends, I also feed the stray cats, there is a lot in the city I live in, I give them love, God bless you, kind hearted person 💖🥰😺😺😺🙏🙏

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