Mama cat teaches kittens how to be blanket monsters

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MAR 16, 2022: BT the Otter mama gave birth to five beautiful kittens! Please keep in mind that live births are uncensored rescue reality – we don’t know what will happen next, and encourage viewers to be aware that unexpected/ stressful/ sad things can happen. We have an excellent vet team to support us, and BT is doing very well so far.

MAR 10, 2022: Gorgeous rescue mama BT is in the final countdown to giving birth for the last time. If you’ve ever wanted your kids to experience the “miracle” of birth, here’s your chance to do so without contributing to the overpopulation crisis! And if you just LOVE having kittens underfoot, there are always plenty of adorable mama cats and babies at your local shelters in need of foster homes. Sign up to be a foster parent and you’ll be saving lives!

BT’s x-rays today show five kittens, and everything is looking good so far! She has type A blood, so we thankfully don’t have to worry about Neonatal Isoerythrolysis. We are expecting kittens to arrive any time in the next two to seven days.

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SEP 14, 2021: We trapped feral catermelons Mora and Shiner from our River cats colony so they can give birth for the last time in our care. The two have an incredibly close bond. Both cats have type B blood, which puts their kittens at risk of a fatal blood type mismatch, called neonatal isoerythrolysis (the same as Pomelo). In the wild, kittens with different blood types would not survive. Thankfully, we will be able to provide intensive intervention during delivery and for the first 24 hours afterward that will save their lives. Meet the River cats:

Please keep in mind Mora and Shiner are feral cats, which means they have not interacted with humans until this point. While we do everything possible to reduce stress, we know we can’t completely eliminate it. They are definitely scared. Because we will have to blood type each kitten as it is born, we will need to push a bit harder than normal to try to build their confidence with humans as much as possible prior to the onset of labor. It’s going to be stressful for all of us, but everything we are doing has a reason and is in the best interest of the cat.

JUN 11, 2021: Feral rescue cat Pomelo gave birth to seven beautiful, blood type mismatched kittens. One was stillborn. Watch the birth and read about the situation here:


APR 3, 2021: Sushi’s family loved her very much, but when circumstances changed and they were unable to find housing that allowed pets, they were forced to give her up. The shortage of pet-friendly, affordable housing in our area is a huge problem, and seems to have gotten even worse with the pandemic.

Our hearts break for everyone affected by these situations, but we are very happy to be able to help by providing the best possible care to Sushi and her babies, and making sure they are all spayed and neutered before adopting them into loving homes.

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10 thoughts on “Mama cat teaches kittens how to be blanket monsters

  1. She hasn't burrowed since the kittens were born. Clearly, BT sees them thriving and able to take something unexpected. Even cats play peek-a-boo!

  2. Runa: Mummy, what are you doing?
    BT: Showing you kids how to blanket monster. Pay attention

  3. Shelly, you sure you didn't spill some toona joos on the bottom of that cabinet???

  4. Are we sure she isn't teaching them how to completely demolish their sleeping area 🤔 😻

  5. Kittens: Uh, mom — you're making a huge mess and tossing us all about. Could you stop doing that please?

  6. That momma cat looks so much like our Sooty — black (mostly) and built like a furry brick. And she seems to be about as willful as our Sooty, too.

    Those kittens are going to be a real handful!

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