Meet Aura, a tiny kitten beating the odds –

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Aura was born with a cleft palate which made it impossible for her to nurse. We didn’t know if she would survive her first 24 hours, but look at her now!

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Meet Aura, a tiny kitten beating the odds –

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  1. Just watched Shelly and Aura on the TV show. I completely agree that Aura needs to be the official TK ambassador! She is a natural on TV and will wear a harness and leash without complaint. She is tolerant, confident, friendly and willing to do whatever Shelly asks her to do, unlike the unpredictable but lovable Cassidy. How can we all convince Shelly that Aura needs to remain at TKHQ and be their poster cat for All Cat Lives Matter?

  2. im crying happy tears im cuddling my cats and aura melted my heart o.o little baby to o-o toddler to o_o kid to ^o^ happy teen to 0>0 to normal adult to injured old -_= to +_= death

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