10 thoughts on “Meet The Cats Who Make Kittens! 2021–01-16

  1. I've got a female just like the one you describe has the bold tabby. She is a bengal cross. She is very lean and small and loves to climb height

  2. Shes a tabby cat i have one she gave 4 kittens best beware or get her muted
    There very affectionate

  3. The other 2 are probably in the early stages of their pregnancies, so they would not look so obvious.

  4. Cats and kittens are the most killed in animal shelters. Imo it's unconscionable to be waiting around to see if kittens will be born. All these females should be spayed.

  5. Oh Gheesh the 2nd looks like my Gabby except that cats nose is oranger than my Gabs. I mean almost identical markings on the side I could see. N she is a talker like the third. (People assume Gabby is because she is a tabby but naw it's because she talks A LOT)

  6. As a self appointed spokesperson for Team Eddie (πŸ˜‚), I’m super pleased to see both the tabbies and to hear all the comparisons to Sir Ed and his ways ❀️

  7. OMG, the 3rd "actually pregnant" cat looks almost exactly like a stray cat that I spent last year socializing! I literally had to look at her ears in the video to check because the cat I worked with has been spayed and is ear-tipped.

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