Mingles with Kittens

Kittens Video Information:

The Akizuki-class destroyer was a class of destroyers of the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) built during World War II to complement the Kagerō class.

Also a very small and impossibly cute Maine Coon kitten.

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Mingles with Kittens

10 thoughts on “Mingles with Kittens

  1. 5:50 "Conn sonar, Sierra 1 has been identified as a warship captain! Itz an Akizuki!!!!"

    "How do you know?"

    "I heard it purr" :3

  2. LOL that Cat is funny and very beautifull i like animals Jingles my Mom had a lot of animals, dogs, cats, chickens, caws, pigs, rabbits, sheep, even some other small birds (not for eat those where singers =P lol). and i'm counting only on domestic animals lol….
    Me and my brother catched a lot of small fish and river snakes with our own hands in the small river near our home one day we have cached a small owl that fall from its nest but we had to free it when my father got home we where litle boys back then men we dont thought it well lol, even bats when they acidentaly entered in hour home we used pilows to cath them and then free them outside. Lol we hunted giant hornets in portuguese they are called by "vespa mamute" (Megascolia maculata flavifrons), other normal hornets and bees on the flowers with botles of Compal and cached a lot of Grilo-do-campo (Gryllus campestris) using straws to lure them out of the holes that they live, we loved to have those in our home to hear them singing =) i remember in one particular year we had more then 60 male and female adult insects all scatered on
    cans of sausages, basins of varius sizes and other containers, on the larger ones we put small gras and plants with earth for them to feal like home to them lol, ask Rita she probably knows/remembers what are those insects. Lol by the way my doughter bring one from my home region to Lisbon this easter.. the litle fellow likes to sing during the night =P.. I really like animals and i even bring my kids to nature to know them and to learn how to stay safe near wasps and bees and things like that…
    Well but dont mind if i dont see many videos about Akizuki men… i'm not a fan of kitten and dogs videos men lol i'm completly fine with you doing them but i prefer the other content. probably will see one for time to time to see how the kitten grows up but only that =) Good luck for the new and the old ones get a long with each other thats important for all of them.
    Keep up the great work i love your videos!!

  3. Love the fact that you have the same toy cheese block as me, but kitty was too young to be taken away.
    Get an older cat if you just want one but kittens needs a few months to learn how to cat.
    My first two were 3 months and 7 years and the year old one had to teach the younger cat things.

  4. Gotta love how considerate Rita is about the whole bonding ritual. The cat's a real cutie.

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