Mini Steam Room for sick, congested Kittens!

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The gentle power of steam works wonders for kittens suffering from an Upper Respiratory Infections (kitten cold). Those tiny noses get so stuffed up they can’t breathe or eat…and this can result in severe infections and even death. I’ll show you how to make a simple mini steam room for your sick kittens to loosen and soothe their congestion and get them on the road to recovery.

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Mini Steam Room for sick, congested Kittens!

10 thoughts on “Mini Steam Room for sick, congested Kittens!

  1. Hello.. I've watched your video and I will try this for my stray kitten. She is suffering from hard breathing and is not eating well. 😞 can you help me please find a way for this?

  2. They are blessed to have are really great..please tell me how to treat a cat with mange at home..I have this stray cat with mange..its eyes are semi closed by now..

  3. I've got a very sick elderly kitty with a sinus infection, and I'd heard about a kitty sauna like this instead of trying to steam the whole bathroom (which doesn't work very well). Thank you for walking through how to set it up and why it's set up the way it is! Here's hoping my sweet girl can get some relief this way. It seems to be working! Thank you so so much!

  4. My 7 month old always sounds like she has a stuffy nose. She’s gotten all her shots. What could it be?

  5. I have a nebulizer. Can I put that in the tub with the kittens and cover the top with a sheet and leave a small opening?

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