Mom Cat Treats Hamster As Her Baby Kittens – Golden Kittens

Kittens Video Information:

Just remind you guys, every day I record several videos about the kittens. But I couldn’t edit all the footage. So that means, Day 1 of the kittens may have 5 videos, Even I upload new videos every day. I need 5 days to upload all the videos of Day 1. That’s why the kittens still haven’t grown up at all.

Kitten Names: Muffin, Mustard, Waffle, Aioli, Puff, Mayo. Three sauce names, three dessert names.

Our cat Twix gives birth to 3 sets of twins kittens. All the newborn kittens are cute and healthy. It’s a miracle. Twix gives birth to 6 golden kittens of 3 different colors. They are all golden kittens but with different colors.

Hello guys, We are Chloe and Dario. This is another youtube channel that is specific for Twix, new baby kittens, and little hamsters.

🎂(♀)Twix’s Birthday, August 12th, 2020. Golden British Shorthair Cat.

フリーBGM「かえるのピアノ」/作(編)曲 : こおろぎ

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Mom Cat Treats Hamster As Her Baby Kittens – Golden Kittens

10 thoughts on “Mom Cat Treats Hamster As Her Baby Kittens – Golden Kittens

  1. Hey they now should be 24 days i think! 😠
    We want to see them while there eyes are opened

  2. Twix: Say hello to my little friend!
    Grabs Teddy
    Twix: This is Teddy, he's my little friend 😀
    Say 'hi' Teddy.
    Teddy: Hi friends.
    Belly, Ore, Reo, Crispy, & Cream: All in sync Hi Teddy!

  3. Lol Teddy and the kittens are adorable as alwayssssss and we never forget Twix!

  4. Mixing All cute 🧸 😺, they bringing me a heavenly happiness pice full movie.💗
    All world might be like this

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