Most STRESSFUL rescue EVER! When a kitten rescue goes wrong!!! 😰

Kittens Video Information:

A terrible accident turns this rescue into a nightmare! The first kitten was easy, the second kitten was easy, and things started doing sideways on the third one and MUCH worse, on the 4th one! The rescue doesn’t end there, so please continue watching. This video is stressful to watch, but I promise it will have a happy ending 🥰

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$5 a month equals 16 cents a day! For this donation we promise to continue working hard, deal with these extremely stressful situations, Loreta will continue getting bitten, and so many animals will become happy! I really can’t think of a better deal and I really hope you will add “Become a Hope For Paws member” to your New Year’s Resolution list.

Loreta named the whole family after flowers she got to see on her last visit to #Japan. The mama is Sakura, and the babies: Peony, Magnolia, Camellia, and Cosmos.

Thank you #KittyBungalow for fostering this beautiful family!

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Thank you so much!!! ❤️


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Most STRESSFUL rescue EVER!  When a kitten rescue goes wrong!!! 😰

10 thoughts on “Most STRESSFUL rescue EVER! When a kitten rescue goes wrong!!! 😰

  1. Mom did an amazing job keeping those kittens looking healthy,strong and feisty, all well living a stray life cause of some selfish hooman not getting her fixed, causing Her to get pregnant and most likely dumping her out side to fend for herself while being pregnant and then given birth outside and having to keep herself nourished to feed her babies… YET, SHE DID AN AMAZING JOB adapting to Mother Hood while starting off on the streets.. Now, she and babies are safe and deserve THE 7WORLD!! Amazing job team on the amazing rescue getting kitten and their mama (although it was stressful I was panicking I can only imagine how you all felt) prays and blessing to everyone involved and to the beautiful kitty family… THANK YOU FOR ALL you do!! Xoxoxoxo

  2. This video just made me mad. You guys were hurting them. Thats not saving them. Plus you were pulling their tails which can hurt their spines.

  3. Son bellos😍😍 Ojalá una persona los adopte y muchas bendiciones🙂🙂🙂🥰

  4. The moment they decided to use the ball, I wished at least one of to know little about physics to say that’s a bad idea. And it went just as I was afraid of. Lack of intelligence can ruin good intentions.

  5. I know u guys have Your cross to carry but any chance ya can look up to some support to all those poor animals in UA???

  6. Tough rescue, congrats to all! An experienced team makes the difference in tricky situations like these! Life savers, thank u so much! <3

  7. Amazing team,so patient , confident and intelligent. You guys do the rescue job with unconditional love, so your strength are so powerful. You guys are so incredible!!! Love you every one of your team.

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