Mother cat fed her newborn kittens and put them to sleep

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Our caring mommy cat waited until her little kittens woke up and came to feed them. After a delicious meal, the cute kittens fell asleep peacefully, and the cat Joanna lay down next to them to watch over their sleep.
😻 Mama cat talking to her newborn kittens | First meow –
😻 Little newborn kitten meows loudly and calls mama cat to feed him –
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10 thoughts on “Mother cat fed her newborn kittens and put them to sleep

  1. A small foster kitten searches for milk by smell and smacks its lips 👉🏼

  2. Ovaj prizor ljubavi mame mačke njene prelepe dece macica,izaziva u coveku nesto lepo ,milo,čisto, nemam reči koja bi vise mogla opisati taj prizor

  3. This appears to be a first time mother. Cute Kittens. But they are always cute until they are about 8 weeks old and start tearing the house up as they begin to run around and play all night.. Someone will have some cute cats to spend the next 17 to 20 years with if properly taken care of.

  4. было бы странно…если бы она этого не сделала….

  5. i like it and to cute but i need to dislike because when not i get followed on startsite youtube with cat videos >( sadge >( and i cant have cat or dog because of my mother allergie >( >( >( >

  6. omg so damn cute my lil noel reuben kinda looked like those babies when he was a baby, i call him my lil cow kitty (cause of the cow spots on the back of one of his ears, and he does sometimes make mooing sounds when i pick him up & carry him) (he's a gray mackerel tabby) 🥰 i love being a cat mom.

  7. Mother fed kittens: you must give them privacy, they are not for you to amuse, 'get a life of your own. Do it Now.

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