Mother Cat Licking And Feeding Orphan Kitten After Vet Visit || Mother Cat Accepted Abandoned kitten

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Mother Cat Licking And Feeding Orphan Kitten After Cat hospital Visit.
Mother Cat was missing Kitten Anxiously When he came mother started Licking and Loving him.

watch this video till end.

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Mother Cat Licking And Feeding Orphan Kitten After Vet Visit || Mother Cat Accepted Abandoned kitten

10 thoughts on “Mother Cat Licking And Feeding Orphan Kitten After Vet Visit || Mother Cat Accepted Abandoned kitten

  1. Hope has her 5 babies to take care of now. But she can handle it. She loves her babies. She is a wonderful mother! 💖😻🛐😊 She is so happy to have them with her. So loving! Thanks for caring for the babies and taking them to the vet for check up. Hope needs your help, too. She always looks up to you so lovingly. Bless you. 🛐💖😻🤗🐾🌾⚘

  2. Gracias por llevarlos al veterinario y preocuparte, solo espero que el tratamiento que el veterinario ha puesto a Coco funcione y pueda recuperar la movilidad en su patita.

    Olive y Angel sobretodo Olive deberían comer más si, para coger peso.

    Para la conjuntivitis en los ojos el veterinario que ha llevado a mis dos gatas me dijo que se los lavase con paño de algodón humedecido en manzanilla ya fría. Pero sin pasarse.

    Haces unos vídeos preciosos.
    No hay nada más bonito y relajante que ver a cachorros amamantando y si añadimos el hecho de que son preciosos y que mamá Hope es extraordinariamente BUENA, muchas veces los animales nos dan mil lecciones a los humanos. 😍💞💕PRECIOSO.

  3. So precious. Love watching Hope care for these kittens and excepting Coco. I’m happy to hear that Olive and Coco are doing better. Bless you for the care you give them. 🐈🐾🥰🌈💕

  4. Hope must have wondered where the Boys were when they were at the vets. Mama has took Coco to her heart, to think she was hissin at him and look at her now, she is Coco`s mum and no mistake, the little guy must be fit to burst with happiness and he so deserves it after his start in life. I wish the nasty article who abandoned him could see him now. He will soon be fully recovered with mama`s milk and all that chicken and the Tons of Love he now has. They are all Beautiful, sweet Baby`s, with a Beautiful Loving Mum.😍😻🐾💎🧡😁💚😜🖤🙏🌹

  5. Hope is a very special unique mother cat with a huge heart of love and care for her kittens. I see her heart shine in every video ❤

  6. Mama Hope gave Coco and Tom a good cleaning after returning from the vet 😸😂 Coco and Olive are so sweet when drinking together. I hope their health will soon get better 🍀 ♥️

  7. aaaaaawwww This is definitely the cutest video. My heart leapt when I saw Hope licking Coco and allowing him to nurse. I can watch this over and over it is just too adorable. <3 <3

  8. Why did Tom go to vet? He's always seemed the healthiest one. Also, is Olive's head wet from mama Hope licking her? And Coco being such a gentleman with Olive at the milk bar. He's such a good kitty, especially considering what he's been through.

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