Nano the tiniest kitten

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Nano was born with a severe Peritoneal Pericardial Diaphragmatic Hernia (PPDH). Most of his organs were inside of his pericardium (the sac around his heart), which made it impossible for his heart and lungs to function). We tried SO hard to give him every possible chance to live, but his little body just wasn’t meant for this earth. He had his best week ever in our care, surrounded by love, free from fleas and pain, and he saved his mom and four brothers (see next video). He mattered, which is more than most feral kittens ever get.

Nano will live on forever in our hearts, and in our actions as we continue our work to save feral cats.

Nano the tiniest kitten

10 thoughts on “Nano the tiniest kitten

  1. What a Cute tiny kitty 💛 my parents didn’t think Bear was going to make it either. Bear was a week old and covered in fleas when found abandoned. He was extremely anemic and the vet gave him a week to live. we’re so happy to have him today 💛

  2. Те кто ставит дизайки тот просто не знает что такое быть маленьким беспомошьным котёнкам как вас только земля носит хейтиры.

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