New Kitten Meets Cat For The First Time

Kittens Video Information:

Introducing Kitten To Our Oldest Cat For The First Time

Cats In The Video : Tom (Black & White Domestic Shorthair Male) & New 10 Weeks Old Kitten (British Shorthair Male)

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New Kitten Meets Cat For The First Time

10 thoughts on “New Kitten Meets Cat For The First Time

  1. Awwww Tom's going to need time to get used to Charlie. And Charlie's already gotten used to Tom and Mimi.

  2. Que suerte que lo aceptaron !!!!! Yo quiero adoptar mas gatos que vienen por la terraza de mi casa (les dejo siempre comida y agua) pero mi gato los echa, les ruge y los ataca…..

  3. oh oh I know what the future holds for this kitten Tom the leader of the pack play fighting skills.

  4. I know exactly what Tom thought…"another pain in the have to start training this one and show who is the boss"..🤣💛♥️👍

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