New Kitten Meets Cats For The First Time

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Introducing Kitten To Our Cats For The First Time

In The Video : Tom (Black & White Male), Mimi (White & Ginger Male), Prince ( Grey British Shorthair Male) & 8 Weeks Old Kitten Who’s Name Is Tango (Not My Kitten). Kittens Youtube Channel:

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This video was shot on the Dji Osmo Pocket 2 & Panasonic X2000 Camcorder

4K Ultra High Definition 2160p Footage

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New Kitten Meets Cats For The First Time

10 thoughts on “New Kitten Meets Cats For The First Time

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  2. That's very interesting because with dog's the newcomer is normally the most submissive.

  3. well that was pretty sweet from the tuxedo cat for a first time meeting. My tuxedo prob would have already killed her

  4. Was that a thin cane I saw in the hands of that person behind? The one the darker cat seemed to be very afraid of?

  5. It's fascinating how the adult cats get a little suss when kitten is behind the mesh. Kitten feels safer behind the mesh making them more confident to sniff but adult cats just get nervous and start hissing. Interesting.

  6. On the next episode the cats are curious about a big wooden crate that shows up. then to their excitement a mountain lion jumps out to say hello!

  7. Love how the kitten is hissing trying to make the other cat go away but it just doesn't respond to it at all. "Yeah yeah shut up it's sniffing you o'clock"

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