Newborn Kittens Cuddling Each Other!

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Newborn kittens cuddling each other! The kitties are already growing up so fast!

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Ahh good day everyone! My name is Joey Graceffa and welcome to my official daily vlog YouTube channel where I like to film my daily life with my puppies. You can find videos on my life with puppies, puppy first times, cute puppy moments, and SO much more! Join the family and make sure you are subscribed! I love you, until next time, good damn bye!

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10 thoughts on “Newborn Kittens Cuddling Each Other!

  1. I am so sure I forgot his name (sorry bc I haven’t watch ur vids for like 6 months now 😦) but is cyan like the colour of his like whatever it’s called let’s say necklace cyan is he still your dog 😢

  2. Stop tormenting us with the adorable kittens I no we all want to feel them but we can't!!!!!!!!!!! 😭😭😭

  3. You might like to watch a cat eat with a fork, you can look that up.. idk how to train them, though.

  4. So I realize it's been a year since you made this but I've only been watching you and your furbabies for a little over a month but you ARE amazing!!! I absolutely love your cat voice but thts just one of the things I love about you! Because you're a foster dad to any animal makes you that much more loveable. AND that your name is Joey and my disabled son loves his Uncle Joey so much is also on your side! So thank you for giving us such wonderful stories!

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