Newborn Kittens Rescued – 23rd March

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Newborn Kittens Rescued – 23rd March

10 thoughts on “Newborn Kittens Rescued – 23rd March

  1. Thank you for saving these little souls.Fingers crossed for them to make it.

  2. thank you for helping the kittens I have raised newborn kittens lost count of how many, please you have to help the kittens pee by wiping their bottom or else they won't pee the mother cat does that just in case you didn't know newborn kittens can't eliminate on their own up to the age of 3 weeks old they don't have the Strength in their abdominal muscles to that.

  3. Gaelle certainly knows what she's doing with these kittens. Hopefully Mama will be found.

  4. What a horrible story. I hope you'll do everything possible to find and catch the mother. Terrible, terrible situation all around 🙁

  5. Perhaps the person who found the kittens will be able to get the mother when she returns to feed the kittens. Doesn't seem like she would just leave them there— if she had been living wild for a while, she has probably gone off hunting.
    Here's hoping the person who found the kittens will 'step up to the plate' as we say here in the states (meaning: rise to the occasion, to accept responsibility etc) and get the mother for you guys.
    You guys are heros.

  6. hope that the mother could be rescued and reunited with her babies please do go back and ask to catch the mother if she will back to feed her kittens 🙏 thank you for saving the kittens

  7. mum will come looking for them they always do. hope she turns up and someone with any shred of decency will take her to her kittens.

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