Newlyborn kittens living on the street looking for mother cat

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Today we were doing street feeding and a boy came and told us about some kittens. He said that he has seen kittens at a short distance near the road, so if possible, rescue them.

The place where we were doing street feeding was not far away, so we immediately reached there and started bringing the kittens with us. For confirming that their mother is not there. We thought their mother was there because she was the same color as the kittens. We tried our best to get the cat to come to the kittens somehow but she didn’t come to the kittens.

Unfortunately we didn’t have a cat catcher with us at that time because we didn’t expect to find a cat on the way. However, we had the box. We have placed the kittens in the box so that the cat comes to the kittens. On our part we have tried our best but the cat was not coming under our control. We also fed the kittens because the kittens seemed hungry and kept trying to catch the cat. There were a lot of bushes there.

If you watch the video, you will understand what kind of bushes there were, there were big grasses. It was not known where the cat hides. She disappeared from our sight. We sat and waited for a long time.

An uncle came from the front house, he was asking what is the matter, you have been sitting here for a long time. We told him the whole problem. He knew this cat. He was saying that this cat lives here. You hand over the kittens to me and I will manage it myself. We had to come back. Basically we had an injured cat that had to be taken to the vet so we had to return.

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Newlyborn kittens living on the street looking for mother cat

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  1. Actually cats are going for searching food for herself, the mother cat don't come to their kittens because of you, some cats are afraid of humans. You should not take their kittens with you, you have no right to steal kittens from her mother. Cruel act.

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