10 thoughts on “Nikki Bella had FIVE kittens!!!! #flipflopfarmer

  1. God had a plan these 5 kittens they are a miracle. They were meant to be born that is why her spade didn't work.

  2. The one that you say is the biggest one, should be named scrappy. It’s always trying to get in the scrap with it siblings. Lol. They are so cute

  3. Every life has a purpose and these five are no different. May they bring much happiness to their humans!!

  4. I hear Kim added to Nikki Bella’s litter. Best wishes to all your babies, preciousπŸ’•

  5. LE you can tell you and Megan have a special love πŸ’˜ that no one can ever come between and the kittens are really beautiful love ❀ you both take care from North Carolina πŸ’–β€

  6. The big guy needs to be called Spot or Claw because of the spot on his / her neck!

  7. Congratulations LE, Megan, and Nikki Bella for the 5 kittens. I'm sure they will have a happy home at Longhorn Lester's. Along with Fiona and Mildred (Great Pyrenees and Saint Bernard mixes). The new protectors at LHL

  8. Congratulations on the babies! They are so precious and cute. I can't wait to hear what the vet has to say about this!

  9. She's situating herself for them.. I gave my cat a closed tented area and zipped it up so the mommy didn't try to hide the babies.

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