Picking Up Foster Kittens During a Pandemic

Kittens Video Information:

Last week I picked up 7 newborn kittens from my local humane society! Watch how shelters & rescuers are using social distancing measures to continue their important work, and meet my new babies, who are named after characters from the TV show Twin Peaks.

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Picking Up Foster Kittens During a Pandemic

10 thoughts on “Picking Up Foster Kittens During a Pandemic

  1. All three of my cats jumped on the couch as soon as the tiny meows started! They are so concerned as to what on earth is going on 😂

  2. The first couple of seconds: peaceful music

    A couple seconds later: MEYEH.. MYEH MEEYEHH MEEEH MEEAH

    lol the sweet pootum

  3. Can you please do a video of kitten food at home cuz…… we are in quarantine…

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