Pittie Learns How To Be Friends With…Kittens! | The Dodo

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Pittie was so scared of kittens — but now he tries to give them his ball

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Pittie Learns How To Be Friends With…Kittens! | The Dodo

10 thoughts on “Pittie Learns How To Be Friends With…Kittens! | The Dodo

  1. For the people who still think Pit Bulls are so vicious. Yeah sure he's so vicious he's scared of a baby kitten.

  2. i wonder what people's reactions would be if they learned that small animals such as bunnies, kittens, etc are fed to fighting pits as snacks/chew toys?

  3. Aggressive my ass, dangerous my ASS! Pits are gentle adorable teddy bears when they are raised with love, period.

  4. Marley is the very soul of patience. And the kittens seem to understand. A good cat sanctuary requires amazing humans and a fine doggie. This is where success is measured in units of LOVE.

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