Pregnant Cat’s Belly Pulses With Unborn Kittens (Storyful, Cats)

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At “Challenger’s House”, a shelter that fosters cats and kittens in Alabama, caretakers were looking after a cat who appeared to be very pregnant. What initially looked like irregular breathing turned out to actually be all the unborn kittens moving around inside the womb! Their mom doesn’t appear to bothered by all the movement but will probably be happier when she doesn’t have a tummy full of baby kittens!

Credit: YouTube: Robyn Anderson
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Pregnant Cat’s Belly Pulses With Unborn Kittens (Storyful, Cats)

10 thoughts on “Pregnant Cat’s Belly Pulses With Unborn Kittens (Storyful, Cats)

  1. Do their stomachs suppose to be real hard? My nieghbors cat is real friendly when she rubbed on my leg her stomach was real big and hard!??

  2. After how many days did she deliver kittens after this video recorded???

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