Preparing for New Foster Kittens’ Arrival!

Kittens Video Information:

We will be getting four kittens! If you want to help with any of their needs the amazon link is below 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Preparing for New Foster Kittens’ Arrival!

  1. If the gaps in the wall become problematic try using gaffer tape. Easy to remove and doesn’t leave a residue ❤️can’t wait to see the new babies. ☺️

  2. You are so organised😄 and so your fluffy dog🥰 she’s loving all the excitement.

  3. I can't wait to see your newest babies, I love how well thought out you plan things out. These kitties are so lucky. Hazel knows exactly what's going to happen soon.

  4. So excited for the arrival of the new foster kittens. This will be the beginning of their best lives. As always, it was wonderful to see the Menagerie…Max, Maya, Dobby and of course, assistant tour guide Hazel. Melissa, thank you for the tour of the kitten room and supply closet. You are so organized! That, and lots of love are the secret to your success. Thanks for the video! 🌹

  5. Whoop, Whoop . . . .here we go again, we're all ready to teach the Newbies everything we know 😻🐾🐕🐾😻

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