Rescue A Very Angry, Feral Kitten And Earns His Love

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While we were outside for street feeding, we found a kitten along the side of a road who was gasping for breath due to heat.We wanted to remove him from the hot pavement and place him in a cool place and provide him with something to eat and drink. When we tried to grab him, he bite and attacked us with his paws. He was very scared perhaps he had not had a good experience with humans.

We gave him water to drink but he didn’t drink it. After that, we gave him jelly food to eat. It seemed that his anger had lessened. He is enjoying eating jelly food.

We decided to take him with us. We couldn’t leave him along the road in this hot weather. You can see how much traffic there is, on this road. The kitten could have an accident.

We are taking the kitten with us. We were on street feeding and we had yet to feed some kittens so we took this kitten with us.

We come daily for street feeding to this place that you are seeing in video. When kittens see us, they recognize us. There are five kittens here but today we can only see 3 kittens. Perhaps the other two have gone somewhere with their mother.

We waited for some time so that the other two kittens to come but today there were only 3 kittens.

We gave the name “Tiger” to the angry kitten. We had thought that Tiger is attached to us, but after drinking milk suddenly he ran away.The good thing is that we managed to catch him again.Tiger kitten had a medical checkup. He is healthy and active.

Cat Luna was hearing the voice of Tiger and was very shocked and wondering from where these voices were coming. He has intermingled with other kittens in a short time. Tiger has developed a good friendship with Blacky and Smoky. We feel very happy when we see them happy.

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Rescue A Very Angry, Feral Kitten And Earns His Love

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  3. Beautiful cat.Thank you for saving baby cat.I love Kitte β€οΈπŸˆβ€οΈπŸ˜»β€οΈπŸ™πŸ™β€οΈ

  4. They'd never make it on their own in my neighborhood. Too many Racoons and Coyotes. Kittens don't stand much of a chance out here. So it is in the Wild West. Predation is very high here. Whenever I see a lost cat flier I just know that cat is gone forever. Hell, we have predators here that will eat your kid. The Coyotes have no fear.

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