Rescued pregnant Kitty Harlequin gives birth to 6 kittens!

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****Harlequin & her kittens have been adopted! ******
Go to to see our newest foster kittens! OR to see video of Harley & her kittens for the entire 8 weeks they were with us!

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Harlequin was rescued by a veterinarian who happened to hear her little meows coming from a taped up box, next to recycling bins, in an alley.
He took her back to his office and after taking an x-ray confirmed that Harlequin is pregnant and she is due to give birth in the next week.
The veterinarian reached out to for help and Harlequin is now being fostered by Sarah at the Kitten Cuddle Room until she & her kittens are adopted.

Harlequin is around 9 months old, weighs 7.14lbs and we are expecting 4 or 5 kittens. She is SUPER sweet and very floofy!

Once Harlequins kittens are at least 8 weeks old & 2lbs, they will be spayed/neutered and available for adoption, as will she!
Watch from birth to adoption! Maybe adopt them into your home & heart!

*Kittens are adopted in Pairs, unless there is already a super friendly cat already in the home. But applications for pairs will be given priority.

You can see pictures of Harlequin & my other three fosters who are available for adoption now at:
Twitter/Instagram: KittenCuddleRm

*THE KITTEN NAMING will happen AFTER the kittens are born & Sarah will announce a time to tune in for how to participate.


*******CHAT RULES*******
1. DON’T be mean. We joke & can be a bit sarcastic at times, but no bullying.

2. NO Spamming

3. NO overuse of emojis. Stick to 4 or less especially during a live birth.

4. NO CAPITALS OR SPECIAL FONTS, except for our chatters who are CCing for our hearing impaired members.
**** Especially during a live birth. If chat is going too fast, it makes it impossible for anyone who needs CCing to read it.

5.We like to be as inclusive as possible, so please avoid conversations about religion & politics.

6. BEFORE asking a question, please scroll back in chat a bit & check if it’s already been asked & answered. It helps to keep Sarah from having to repeat herself every five minutes.

7. DURING A LIVE BIRTH, please assume Sarah is NOT READING THE CHAT. If she can, she will, but asking her direct questions or things like, “move the camera” will most likely not be seen by her & just make chat unnecessarily clogged. Many questions can be answered by your fellow viewers, so please feel free to ask, but again, FIRST scroll back in chat & check if it’s been answered already.

8. This is REAL LIFE FOSTERING. Uncensored. Along with all the cuteness & cuddles, there is poop, sometimes worms, throw up, illness & sadly kittens can pass away.
If that is too much for you, we understand. Instead of upsetting the other viewers, please just excuse yourself. That doesn’t mean you can’t share concern or ask questions, but Sarah is an experienced foster, has lots of experienced support watching & helping her behind the scenes & unless you are a local licensed vet in Los Angeles who wants to offer your services for free, it doesn’t help to make judgments without all the information.

9. PLEASE don’t suggest to Sarah that she should keep her fosters. It is hard enough for her to let them go. She already has 4 of her own cats & caring for cats is not only about cuddling. She has no more space in her small home & regular vet care can be expensive, especially dental! (darn it Rob!!!!)
The goal is to help support Sarah, not only with kitty supplies:
but ALSO emotionally. That means not making adopting out these kitties she loves any harder than it already is. ❤

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Rescued pregnant Kitty Harlequin gives birth to 6 kittens!

10 thoughts on “Rescued pregnant Kitty Harlequin gives birth to 6 kittens!

  1. First time mommy cat is in pain because of her contractions brave for the woman to have taken whoever this is has a heart fof this stray cat she took in to her home who knows what would happen if this cat wasn't rescued

  2. The labor of this cat Took forever & I still saw two kittens that is how long it took for this cat to give birth to her liter of kittens

  3. I don't understand why you are constantly touching her and making noise. The cat is in the most vulnerable position she will ever be in; she has no idea what you're saying, and all the hormones and pain coursing through her body must be taking up all of her mental and bodily resource. Cats can get easily overstimulated at the best of times. Being present and supportive is awesome, but I'm sorry, I just can't handle the degree of human contact.
    Happy to be convinced otherwise by a vet or animal behaviorist.

  4. She should not touch the cat while sheis in labor, she cannot concentrate, i know shenjust qantnto feel at easemthe cat.

  5. Why don't give the cat drinks water and some food to support it , the cat need energy also

  6. Дай воды кошке попить.Хватит ее гладить по голове у нее уже в горле пересохло от родов язык высунула и дышит тяжело.Ох и хозяйка!

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