Rescuing An Emaciated Kitten

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Meet Pipsqueak! A 2.5lb 12 week old kitten. Pip is doing much better now that he’s getting some much needed love.
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Page and Molly love you, go rescue a dog!

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Rescuing An Emaciated Kitten

10 thoughts on “Rescuing An Emaciated Kitten

  1. when i was around 8-9, i loved dogcraft, but i kinda grew out of it as i got older (i turned 13 like 2 days ago) i like your vlogs because i feel like they are more mature and i can get into them more than i could get into dogcraft now. also, i haven’t watched you in like 2 years and i was so excited that you got another kitten omg

  2. My mom and I used to be able to go searching for any abandoned cats or dogs so we could take care of them and find new homes for them, since they were so many straw cats around our neighborhood. Almost nine cats (RIP Pine, Mimi, and Cookii) we had were rescued! We gave away three to my girlfriend, since two dogs and three cats are expensive as hecc.

  3. Umm… he wasn’t a big fluff ball then.. he was a tiny fluff ball compared to now.

  4. When I got my kitten I introduced my boy cat to him and not the girl cat I have and that was a mistake because the boy hissed at the kitten and the girl didn't but the kitten hissed at her because he thought she would be like the other cat

  5. You know how cats have 9 lives? What if pip is that little baby cat you tried to save like a year ago and this is his 2nd life and he loved you so much he found his way back to you Stacy


    Mind:she names an excstinct animal

    Sorry about spelling I’m bad at that

  7. My cat lulu was around 2 weeks old when we got her
    She was found in a ditch 2 days old with a blind eye and she was in horrible shape
    5 years later I am her mother and the is healthy but afraid of everything

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