Reuniting a Feral Cat and Her Kittens!

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If you find a feral mom and babies outside, it’s important to try to keep them together so that the babies have the best chance of survival, and so that the mom can be TNRed! In this video, I show how to use neonatal kittens to trap their mom, in order to reunite them in foster care.

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Reuniting a Feral Cat and Her Kittens!

10 thoughts on “Reuniting a Feral Cat and Her Kittens!

  1. Like once I was given a baby kitten and sadly a day later it died because it didn’t have its mom

  2. Why not find someone to socialize the mom and get her adopted also. There's a street right by where the cats are. ..some of them have to be getting hit. It's way too dangerous to leave any cat outside that'll be crossing the street quite often.

  3. Thank you for not editing out the mom checking it all out. I have adhd and my ability to wait in that situation is difficult. It will be so much easier knowing that. 🤞

  4. Imagine watching this all the way to 00:10 not knowing what the title was about (or not looking at the thumbnail or title)

  5. Omg the grey one reminds me of a kitten my cat had her name was Pounie and she was sick when she was born and the second day of her life she died i miss her so much

  6. All these cats should be euthanized they're a burden to society. I don't know why people don't agree

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